Megan Emberton

Photo of Megan Emberton

SAA Registered Training – Core Units

  • Every Child Can!
  • Suzuki Principles in Action
  • Piano Unit 1
  • Piano Unit 2
  • Piano Unit 3
  • Piano Unit 4
  • Piano Unit 5
  • Piano Practicum

Megan Emberton began her Suzuki piano studies at age three. Since then, she’s gone on to receive a degree in piano performance from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music and become a Suzuki piano teacher herself.

She has studied piano with Anne Turner, Nehama Patkin, Renee Robbins, Waleed Howrani, Christopher Harding, and Alvin Chow. She has taught lessons, group classes, and improv at Green Mountain Suzuki Institute in Vermont and Blue Lake Suzuki Institute in Michigan.

Megan has recently relocated to the Ann Arbor area, where she teaches and is an active performer as an instrumental and dance accompanist. We are delighted that Megan remains on our faculty as Collaborative Pianist. When not at the piano, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking and cooking, roadtrips, and reading.

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